Often clients will have an idea in their mind of the budget they will allocate to a certain space or room.  They come up with a rough estimate for the cost of renovating and redesigning an apartment without considering a number of factors. 

An important consideration is outlining all of the details surrounding a contractor’s work including painting, electrical and flooring.  If you are hiring a custom furniture maker to install a custom buildout, for instance a wall unit or closet shelves, those should be factored in as well. 

The last touches on interior redesign or renovation projects, which are usually the most critical, are often skimped on.  Lighting, artwork, decorative fabrics, rugs and accents are squeezed in because too much money has been spent on the renovation or initial big ticket items such as wood flooring or a couch.

How many times have you walked into a restaurant with a beautiful solid oak bar with $20 ikea lights draped above it?  Most interior designers would agree that lighting is one of the most critical aspects to the functionality, warmth and overall appeal of a space.  It’s the one element that should not be overlooked.  Often this occurs with Artwork as well when clients feel that they spent so much on the furniture and renovation, that the artwork is left to the side. Artwork is usually the most memorable part of a home or apartment design.

So we at NYC Interior Design advise this, when you are creating that initial budget, find those rugs, lights and artwork you love the most FIRST, and from there work your way backwards.  Could you afford to spend 2-3k less on a couch to have some better paintings on the wall?  Could you cut some corners with the contractor to install those gorgeous pendant lights in the dining area?

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