nyc interior design adviceArt is definitely a tricky element to incorporate into an interior. It’s often difficult to tell if a piece
of art is something that will endure and you will grow to love more and more or will get tired of
looking at. If it’s at all possible to live with the artwork a bit before buying with a photograph that can be helpful before purchasing it. This photography is nice in that it retains a lot of white space while still gently introducing vibrant colors. If you are unsure it also can be helpful to choose more minimalist or abstract artwork for your space.

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picture wallsPicture walls can be tricky. If you have a large number of photos you would like to
frame and hang, designing with the right frames is critical. White frames tend to work very well
on white/light walls,  keeping the viewer’s eye on the photo rather than
the frame pulling your eye away from it. If you are using darker color frames it’s important
to consider a dark color wall.


peter brooke luminous halflifeFinding the right painting, photo, sculpture or fabric for an interior can be tricky. Whether it’s augmenting existing color palettes with matching paintings, or completely transforming an interior with vibrant colors, there are many factors to consider. One important element is trying to figure out if the artwork will have shelflife, is it something you will like for a long time or will you get tired of looking at it fairly quickly. For some of the projects I’ve worked on paintings with a more serene mood have been effective, particularly for city spaces where nature and tranquility depictions are especially important. This is a nice landscape painting by Boston based painter Peter Brooke, it has a nice, subtle and organic color palette where there are number of hues which can be matched up in an interior.

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walking man IAlberto Giacometti was a sculptor and painter from Switzerland who famous for selling his 1960 sculpture Walking Man I at Sotheby’s for $105 million.  When walking through markets in different cities I’m struck by how influential his artwork was.

One of the main components of his work is that the larger the figure became, the thinner it would be, with stretched out arms and legs.  The shapes are what give these figures their delicate poses.

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staircase picture wall ideasA picture wall is a great way to personalize a portion of an interior. If done well it can look like a piece of art or create indelible warmth in a commercial space (see Minetta Tavern in the West Village below). Here are a couple of ideas of picture walls adorning band stair cases. Finding the perfect balance between number of photos and proportionality is the key. Above the white borders around each picture helps to create balance and harmony between the photos.
nyc minetta tavern

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Nocturne in Black & Gold
Art is an essential element in creating harmony and adding life to an interior. Choosing the right piece of art for a home can sometimes be challenging since it is such a personal. One of my favorite art paintings is The Nocturne in Black and Gold (The Falling Rocket) that was painted in 1875 by James Abbott McNeill Whistler. It was a controversial impressionistic painting at the time because many rejected and criticized it as not being art.  The main idea represented in this work combines genre and cityscape, whose content was essentially emotionalistic rather than realistic.

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