Sculpture by Constantin Brancusi

Constantin Brancusi was a Romanian born sculptor who incorporated a range of styles into his work including African, Egyptian and Classical . One of my personal favorites by Brancusi, Mademoiselle Pogany, incorporated Cubism with an emphasis on a quasi-geometrical form.  The Pogany to the right has a rough, unpolished bronze to illustrate hair which contrasts to the high degree of shine on the face.  The body is a partial image, with the hands and head detached from the torso, reflects Augustine Rodin’s influence on Brancusi.  Brancusi preferred a truthful essence in illustrating forms rather than a literal depiction.  For that reason the Pogany is an iconic, unforgettable piece.

Constantin Brancusi colette

Constantin Brancusi Pogany

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hand sculptureAn underutilized but nice effect on accessories throughout the home is adding some kind of accent light to highlight the piece. This can be achieved effectively by strategically positioning downlights or uplights above or below the sculptures. While this is a popular design technique in commercial spaces such as restaurants and art galleries, often residential clients request lights to be directed towards centerpiece paintings and photographs on walls but less so for freestanding sculptural works. Depending on the shape and size of the sculpture the light can create a whole new effect and shadow within a space.

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walking man IAlberto Giacometti was a sculptor and painter from Switzerland who famous for selling his 1960 sculpture Walking Man I at Sotheby’s for $105 million.  When walking through markets in different cities I’m struck by how influential his artwork was.

One of the main components of his work is that the larger the figure became, the thinner it would be, with stretched out arms and legs.  The shapes are what give these figures their delicate poses.

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