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Over the past decade Ikat Fabrics have gained tremendous popularity in fashion and interior design with feature articles in Elle Decor and being sold by Madeline Weinrib at ABC Carpets. With everything from dresses to rugs to pillows to curtains to tea kettles the ikat patterns seem to be everywhere. Finding the right pattern can take some time as there are often many ikat styles which can feature variations on regularly seen shapes such as circles or stripes. The Ikat fabrics that have original shapes and unique color combinations however, can often make a room memorable simply with some ikat pillow. Here are some examples of interiors incorporating ikat accent pillows and ikat fabrics.


designing with ikat fabrics

ikat accent pillows madeline weinrib

designing with ikat pillows

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ikat fabric bedroomI wrote last week about incorporating Ikat fabrics into spaces and how they tend to work better as accentsAnthony Todd did a beautiful job of incorporating an Ikat fabric into a bedroom.  Because the pattern is intricate here it’s helpful that the remaining combination of colors and accents are clean so as not to clash with the fabric. It’s also helpful that the color palette matches if you are unsure about the fabric at the very minimum it will match the existing palette. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, I’ve seen Ikat fabrics in spaces that don’t necessarily match but create beautiful accents on their own.

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Elegant color palette

color palette by NYC Interior Design

This is an elegant color palette combining dark luxurious velvets with a light linen fabric that creates a timeless look. The fabric selection  to the left is what I’ll be using for the  living room of an one bedroom apartment  in New York City.

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Room separators

drapes as room separatorsUsing drapes as room separators is a great way to incorporate warmth and elegance to a space.  Something to be considered when incorporating fabric in your space is the type of material and the look that needs to be achieved in the design. Often times a client incorporates a room divider that doesn’t accentuate the overall design of the room without exploring the endless range of options to be considered when choosing fabric. The biggest advantage of using fabric for room separators is that it’s possible to design a custom, perfectly matching fabric that integrates seamlessly in the space. Often room separators feel bulky or, while beautiful, seem “in the way”. Here the linen fabrics illustrate a casual component of the design and are displayed as an essential and integral element in the overall design.

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Indian Textiles

indian fabrics_ ikat

Incorporating  vibrant Indian textiles in spaces will add amazing life and energy. Due to the dyeing techniques applied to the yarns there are hundreds of unique colors. The Ikat  fabrics on the left have a slightly blurred outline that is characteristic and that many find very attractive. Although the term ikat is Javanese, the technique used to make this type of fabric was originated in India.

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Incorporating textures

rich texturesIncorporating rich textures such as velvets and silks will add an inviting elegant touch to interior spaces.  Currently there is an incredible variety of fabrics in the market and endless color selections to choose from but velvet is still one of the most widely used fabrics due to its elegance.  There are many types of velvets including plain, crushed, panne, and cut, and its durability and malleability make it suitable for upholstery, drapery and accent elements.  Cut velvet tends to be used for drapery and crushed is thicker and more resistent and used more for upholstery.  Panne velvet is softer than the crushed velvet and also used for upholstery.  Plain velvet tends to have richer colors and is often used for accent elements such as pillows.

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