fabrics for color palettes

fabrics for color palettes

Fabrics, perhaps the most labored over portion of any interior design project, finding those quintessential fabrics which can transform a space. Fabrics are an easy way to incorporate (or try out out) a new or different color palette in a space. If you have some furniture already that you know you would like to keep in a living room, for example, yet you are undecided about what color to paint the walls or which fabric to utilize to adorn those huge windows, fabric samples are essential. If you are still unsure of a particular fabric lay it over a pillow or that back of a chair. There are beautiful fabrics from all over the world, especially fabrics made in Italy, Morocco, India, Africa and Turkey.

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Embroidered fabric

Love the use of color in this embroidered fabric. The contrast of the black and white with the warm fucia and orange add a festive yet elegant touch for accent pillows.

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