incorporating light lacquer funiture

When incorporating large custom units in a space, it’ss recommended to use a lacquer finish in a light color or the same color as the wall where the unit will be located. Since most wall units are larger in size, are functional and created mainly to provide storage or a working space, picking the right color and finish is essential. I recommend a light or matching color finish that will help reduce the visual impact and give the wall unit a more harmonious, proportional and overall less overpowering feel. Wall units of these sizes generally are not designed to be the focal point of an interior.

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Incorporating custom lacquer furniture in a space

white lacquer furniture

When wanting to create a clean and contemporary look the best option is lacquer furniture. There are many advantages when incorporating a custom lacquer furniture including the flexibility in the design options based on each client’s needs, the endless colors available, as well as its functionality and durability. The picture above is a white matte lacquer cabinet built and design by ERA Interiors- Custom Furniture & Design for a duplex on Broad Street in downtown, Manhattan.

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Rare furniture & design

Rare furniture and designIncorporating rare furniture into a design is essential to creating timelessness and originality in an interior. The chair to the left is one of three chairs that were displayed in the Antique & Art Show at the Armory this year. Made by Carlo Bugatti in 1902, it’s made out of walnut inlaid with cooper, bone and brass. Selecting and incorporating a furniture pieces like this can be the difference of having a memorable, iconic interior design.

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Natural wood grain bench

One question that’s come up with natural wood furniture is that some clients who purchase new, modern apartments or lofts and are interested in retaining the modern feel.  There is a fear that antiques or furniture with natural wood grain will feel outdated.  This natural wood bench is a great example of the type of furniture that can be incorporated into a modern family room seemlessly, it warms up a space without becoming too much of a focal point.

Natural Wood Bench Seating

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Wire tree bench

Saw this iconic and original bench seat recently at an interior design show in Chelsea. It has a beautiful organic shape and was surprising comfortable.
wire tree bench

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