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Rare furniture and designIncorporating rare furniture into a design is essential to creating timelessness and originality in an interior. The chair to the left is one of three chairs that were displayed in the Antique & Art Show at the Armory this year. Made by Carlo Bugatti in 1902, it’s made out of walnut inlaid with cooper, bone and brass. Selecting and incorporating a furniture pieces like this can be the difference of having a memorable, iconic interior design.

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Natural wood grain bench

One question that’s come up with natural wood furniture is that some clients who purchase new, modern apartments or lofts and are interested in retaining the modern feel.  There is a fear that antiques or furniture with natural wood grain will feel outdated.  This natural wood bench is a great example of the type of furniture that can be incorporated into a modern family room seemlessly, it warms up a space without becoming too much of a focal point.

Natural Wood Bench Seating

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Wire tree bench

Saw this iconic and original bench seat recently at an interior design show in Chelsea. It has a beautiful organic shape and was surprising comfortable.
wire tree bench

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