Floor Lamps

Following up on my previous top 3 floor lamps post, here are some additional options for a residence in Soho we are working on. These floor lamps can generally range in price from 5800-19000k. The shade can be linen or metal or it can feature an exposed glass bulb. Because of the size and the fact that they are freestanding, floor lamps offer a great opportunity to introduce a unique and distinctive shape into the space possibly with a long curved line or unusual shaped holes incorporated into the design of the metal column. Some of the finish options include gunmetal, brass, or nickel.

floor lamp

floor lamp

floor lamp

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Commercial Spa

We are currently working on a commercial spa that will feature a line of beauty products as well as be a center for dermatology related procedures. In developing the design concept for this project and collaborating with the physicians, the essential components will focus be a contemporary style with natural hues and textures such as white oak, concrete, clear resin and white corian. The accent color will be aqua which is the principal color in the product branding.

Medical facilities can often feel sterile and cold while spas can sometimes feel too casual. For this spa the most critical element will be lighting and textures. The spa will feature indirect cove lighting in the front desk, reception and product display areas. It will serve as both ambient and accent lighting and will offer flexibility for luminescence. Cove lighting provides even, warm lighting and can be customized to fit almost any room size/ shape.

Commercial spaces tend to require a different set of considerations from residential projects including functionality, durability, psychology, and code for the components selected.

Here are some inspiration images we put together for the preliminary design.




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Floor Lamp and Wall Sconces

Here are some gorgeous options for a floor lamp and wall sconces.  If you have been reading this blog I’m always looking for unique, organic shaped options/ textures for spaces.  On a subconscious level it’s possible that being in cities we are constantly looking for those things in daily life which remind us of nature, whether it’s natural wood slabs on dining tables, ambient and accent lights, sculptures, or utilizing stone in bathrooms, bringing the outside inside is fundamental in creating a warm, harmonious interior.  There is a delicate balance because contemporary spaces often feel too cold for some and traditional styles can feel too overbearing for others.   When square footage, natural lighting or the existing layout are fixed components, deciding which elements fit is of paramount importance. A floor lamp can be placed in a corner by itself and completely define that area if the illumination and size are suitable.  Wall sconces similarly can be placed on their own in a hallway and function as an affective style statement.



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Wall sconces

I’ve posted in the past about how much I love the lighting selection portion of the design process
including options for bedside lighting, multi-pendant lights, dining room chandeliers and floor lamps,
so I figured it was time to post some wall sconces I’m interested in for a client.  Sconces can function as task as well as accent lighting.  Wall sconces can be utilized to highlight photographs, artwork, sculpture, as well as to accentuate items on a shelf, sideboard or side table. 

Sconces can be fixed, have swing arms, be directional or solely decorative.  They can be tricky to shop for online and I would recommend writing down the measurements and possibly putting non stick tape on the wall with those dimensions to see how the size of the light fits.  How they are photographed can distort the scale of the light, some are much larger or smaller in person.   The size is equally important as the light they give off and the aesthetic.  Some of my favorite options include some combination of glass and/or metal, an organic shape and diffuse light.





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Lighting Design – Bedside lighting ideas

There are three options to consider for beside lamps. The most frequently used bedside lighting are table lamps since they can plug into outlets nearby. Wall mounted and pendant lights are less often used but the best option if budget permits. They require an electrician to install junction boxes,on/off switches and  dimmers and the help of a design professional to located them in the correct place. Here some inspiration ideas for three different bedside lighting options.

bedroom design - bedside table lamps

bedroom design - bedside wall sconces lights

bedroom design- bedside pendant lights

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Multi pendant lights

The main difference between chandeliers and pendant lights is that pendant lights are designed to hang vertically from a chain. This emphasizes the length whereas chandeliers tend to be wider and have multiple lights. Putting several pendant lights together creates the effect of a chandelier.

Multiple pendant lights offer greater flexibility in spaces because they are not fixed in size like chandeliers. The size of chandeliers cannot be modified. Rather than shopping for the perfectly sized chandelier to fit a room to scale, which can often be challenging, multiple pendant lights can be sized to fit perfectly depending on the number of lights. They can make the overall light more rectangular or round, longer or shorter and the luminescence can be tailored for a room based on the pendants chosen.

multipenant metal chandelier

multi penant modern chandelier

multi penant glass chandelier

multiple penant chandelier

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Lighting brings interiors to life and chandeliers are not only functional but they can also be the perfect accent element to complete a room.

The size and shape of the chandelier should be based on the size and shape of the dining room and the dining table, The three chandeliers below are perfect to hang over a rectangular dining table. Dual chandeliers like the Murano glass chandeliers in the second picture are also a great option when working with rectangular rooms.

Pantheon metal chandelier by Hudson Furniture

Murano glass chandeliers

Large brass and glass chandelier by Sciolari

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