Modern bedroom design

This a a modern bedroom designed by Jenny Dyer was featured in Elle Decor. They did a beautiful job on the design, color palette, space planning and furniture selection. Upholstered walls and upholstered panels in bedrooms are the key component in bringing warmth to the space, particularly if the ceilings are high. Gray tones can be tricky to get right, especially in a bedroom where you want to increase the feeling of warmth.

modern bedroom

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picture wallsPicture walls can be tricky. If you have a large number of photos you would like to
frame and hang, designing with the right frames is critical. White frames tend to work very well
on white/light walls,  keeping the viewer’s eye on the photo rather than
the frame pulling your eye away from it. If you are using darker color frames it’s important
to consider a dark color wall.


Kids room design

Incorporating wallpaper in a child’s bedroom is a way to personalize the room. For this design D’aquino Monaco enlarged a picture of an existing space and created a wallpaper that gives the room a three dimensional look. This Moroccan theme was prevalent out throughout the duplex penthouse.

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Sabraj Indian restaurant Paris

This is a beautifully designed Indian restaurant nestled between the Hotel Du Pantheon and Jardin Du Luxembourg in Paris.  An amazing combination of natural wood, copper, stone and various textures such as velvet integrated with buddhas and other religous motifs.  The entire walls are adorned with patterns and artwork woven into the metal. Here are a few photos I shot from the upstairs area.

sabraj paris

sabraj paris

sabraj paris

sabraj paris

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Adding darker colors to one or two walls

If you are fearful of fully committing to a room which covers all the walls in a room with darker colors, which is completely understandable, another option is to paint one or two walls darker. This is particularly effective for work studios where it’s essential to have perhaps a dark grey behind a workstation to add elegance and be easier on the eyes, or in interiors which have a lot of natural light.


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