Modern bedroom design

This a a modern bedroom designed by Jenny Dyer was featured in Elle Decor. They did a beautiful job on the design, color palette, space planning and furniture selection. Upholstered walls and upholstered panels in bedrooms are the key component in bringing warmth to the space, particularly if the ceilings are high. Gray tones can be tricky to get right, especially in a bedroom where you want to increase the feeling of warmth.

modern bedroom

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Accent wall ideas

Ideas for accent walls can extend beyond simply a single painted side of a room. Fireplaces, framed or unframed large scale paintings, built ins and a host of other options can serve as an accent wall.

Where space is limited it is helpful to think outside the box, and in the case of this bedroom, the designer incorporated an accent wall, built in storage unit, banquette/ seating area, window and natural organic texture.  A multifunctional accent wall is the perfect example of getting the most out a space, a critical component of any renovation, where the price per sq ft is at a premium.

accent wall storage unit

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Girls bedroom decor

If you are thinking about decor for your girls bedroom or hiring an interior designer to do so, and she loves pink!, what is one to do?  Pink, when used properly, can in fact be elegant.  The key is how you balance the bright colors with more neutral, staple tones. 

A strong color like pink can look beautiful as an accent color. If you are thinking about putting pink on the walls, one wall can go a long way, rather than painting all four.  If you have a crib or other furniture with natural wood, that is definitely helpful.  Keep an eye out for pink, it’s still a very popular color, especially the pantone in the photo.



picture wallsPicture walls can be tricky. If you have a large number of photos you would like to
frame and hang, designing with the right frames is critical. White frames tend to work very well
on white/light walls,  keeping the viewer’s eye on the photo rather than
the frame pulling your eye away from it. If you are using darker color frames it’s important
to consider a dark color wall.

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