Eclectic spaces

This eclectic space illustrates a nice example of integrating a more traditional piece of furniture like a regency bench, with a modern lacquer coffee table. The designer selected a warm color palette to tie everything together.  It’s helpful to create a sense of harmony between the pieces as well. In this case the fabric on the pillows and the weave on the bench matches with the rug and the natural wood accessory on the table.  The designer chose a warm grey with brownish hues to augment and integrate the earth tones while still keeping the feel fresh and modern. A delicate balancing act, too much grey (with blue hues) may not work as well with the eclectic mix of furniture, and too much brown on the walls may simply be overkill.

retro modern

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Girls bedroom decor

If you are thinking about decor for your girls bedroom or hiring an interior designer to do so, and she loves pink!, what is one to do?  Pink, when used properly, can in fact be elegant.  The key is how you balance the bright colors with more neutral, staple tones. 

A strong color like pink can look beautiful as an accent color. If you are thinking about putting pink on the walls, one wall can go a long way, rather than painting all four.  If you have a crib or other furniture with natural wood, that is definitely helpful.  Keep an eye out for pink, it’s still a very popular color, especially the pantone in the photo.


Color Inspiration

A helpful starting point for any interior design project is looking at inspiration spaces from designers and architects, scouring pinterest, tumblr or houzz for color palettes you like. Then you can start to develop a sense for the overall look and feel you would like.  In the first image I love the combination of dark colors, natural woodwork and dark gray/blue as an accent color on the rug.  The second photograph has a similar feel and you could pull hues from it to design an interior similar.  The color inspiration can be pulled from literally anywhere, jewelry, natural stones, textiles, fashion, graphic and industrial design, paintings, film, photography etc.  In the next two images, a photograph and a sculpture in front of a painting, the balance of colors feels harmonious, even though these are relatively disparate items.





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west village townhouseIf you are a on the fence about a particular piece of artwork fitting into the existing color palette, adding accent pieces which match can help, in this case the lamps.

Although the painting would like good on it’s own, the lamps add that extra little push to tie it all together.

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One of the most helpful ways to find color inspiration is to go into a high end fabric or clothing store that showcases fabrics from all over the world.  Often you’ll find color combinations you may have not considered, and the inspiration can come from anywhere, even lamps or Buddhist Mandalas.   Here is a jewelry box with a nice, rustic combination of colors.

jewelry box

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