Soho House Restaurant NY

SOHO HOUSE Restaurant NyThe Soho House Restaurant is located on the sixth floor of an original old warehouse building in the west village. The design incorporates original elements such as brick walls and old wood floors with  glass chandeliers and intricate details adorning the ceiling giving it an inviting and timeless look.  The natural light illuminating the restaurant  combine with the dark furniture  and mirrored walls creates a feeling of spaciousness and elegance.

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Adding warmth to color palettes with grays and whites part III

ella dining room barGone are the days of beige, at least as one of the primary colors being utilized in spaces today.  More and more the trend is towards soft, warm grays and whites which tend to have more staying power and are also easier to change the feel of the room without repainting the walls.  When looking for grays it’s helpful to find colors which have a touch of warmth in them.  Calm by Benjamin Moore is a nice example of one of these “warm grays”.  Building on part I and part II of adding warmth to your space is augmenting the style with natural textures, linen fabrics and drapes.  In the Ella Bar in Sacramento they utilized Dutch Wooden doors to line the ceiling and rear wall.  While not ideal for every space this is a nice example of creating originality, warmth and balance in a commercial space.

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Corton Restaurant


This restaurant s located in the center of Tribeca and the design incorporates earth colors such as browns and greens in a  clean white environment. Here the lighting is one of the principal elements of the design and is what makes this space warm and inviting. The used of banquets along the perimeters of the space makes it feel open and welcoming without utilizing unnecessary space.  In New York City every foot counts, especially with hospitality design, and the banquets serve to round out and color the space as well as being an area to store them.

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60 Thompson

This website will be a resource for interior designers in the city and will include inspirational spaces and ideas. 60 Thompson Hotel is a beautiful space with a modern, elegant style.

Thompson Hotel in New York

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