Kitchen and dining separator

Many apartments in New York City require innovative solutions for renovating due to size and often construction restraints (especially in co-op buildings).  If you have a kitchen which adjoins a dining area and you would like to open up the space more, and perhaps still need to shield the oven, utilizing a treated wood divider on one side which matches other components of the interior is a viable option.  In this space the divider looks more like a harmonious addition to the furniture set and flooring, rather than strictly a divider.  Dividers are tricky in that it’s important to achieve the proper balance between utility/ function and elegance. A utilitarian looking divider which is not properly integrated into the design scheme can disrupt the flow of the space.

kitchen dining separator

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Custom built ins

Custom built ins are a great way to maximize and change the feel of a space.  Whether you are looking for a wall unit, desk area build in, entertainment center or a unique option to display artwork, there are endless possibilities.  Often in New York City the building codes, especially in the older buildings, can be strict and limit the possibilities for moving walls or drastically changing the existing layout.  If space is limited or you do not have much flexibility in performing renovation work, hiring a cabinetry firm or designer to assist you with drawing or selecting options that will work and compliment your space will be helpful.  If you are looking for a large amount of storage space it’s important to look at options which aren’t too massive or one dimensional.

Too many cabinets or too many shelves can completely overwhelm a room, especially if it is a covering an entire wall.  Similarly if all of the shelves or cabinets are the same size you might as well go to Ikea, the variation in build ins with shelf/ cabinet size is what makes them elegant and compliment a room.  If you are displaying artwork such as sculptures for example, you will want a build in that does not overtake the artwork with its design, and serves a functional backdrop able to highlight the art.   Here are some inspirational images for living room build ins.






contemporary screenFind the right way to separate sections of a room can be tricky, and how you want a divider to be used in a space. Dividers exist across a wide array of styles from Japanese screens with intricate artwork to soft, sleek and functional screens which are less noticeable. Curtains are another popular way to separate rooms. Dividers with mirrors can serve as a way to direct attention away from what’s behind them to different parts of an interior.

Dividers are tricky because if they are effective usually need to be large, and if you purchase the wrong one it’s a lot to be staring at. This screen is a nice option for something in the middle, a little bit of style but something that can be placed in different rooms if necessary. If you opt for custom room dividers you can select a style like this and have different sizes and if you need more than one create a matching set.

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