Floor Lamp and Wall Sconces

Here are some gorgeous options for a floor lamp and wall sconces.  If you have been reading this blog I’m always looking for unique, organic shaped options/ textures for spaces.  On a subconscious level it’s possible that being in cities we are constantly looking for those things in daily life which remind us of nature, whether it’s natural wood slabs on dining tables, ambient and accent lights, sculptures, or utilizing stone in bathrooms, bringing the outside inside is fundamental in creating a warm, harmonious interior.  There is a delicate balance because contemporary spaces often feel too cold for some and traditional styles can feel too overbearing for others.   When square footage, natural lighting or the existing layout are fixed components, deciding which elements fit is of paramount importance. A floor lamp can be placed in a corner by itself and completely define that area if the illumination and size are suitable.  Wall sconces similarly can be placed on their own in a hallway and function as an affective style statement.



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White marble coffee table

Coffee tables are often a focal point in living rooms. If the size, shape and style are selected carefully, they can be a distinctive design element.  Incorporating natural materials such as wood, stone and marble is necessary to balance other dominant elements such us upholstered furniture, shades and curtains. Marble furniture is sought after due to its unique textures, colors and durability. It is a hard and durable material that is often incorporated into high end kitchen and bathroom design.

Here are some great white marble coffee tables options for a living room were are designing where white marble will compliment the color palette and design. The price for these coffee tables start at 5200 and increase depending on the size, style and availability.    Before falling in love with a white marble table make sure to read some of the pros and cons of white marble that was mentioned on our early post Kitchen design with white marble tops.

White marble  square coffee table Mangiarottii

round white marble coffee table by marc newson

ovala white marble coffee table

marble coffee table by Snarkitecture

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Ikat Patterns

Over the past decade Ikat Fabrics have gained tremendous popularity in fashion and interior design with feature articles in Elle Decor and being sold by Madeline Weinrib at ABC Carpets. With everything from dresses to rugs to pillows to curtains to tea kettles the ikat patterns seem to be everywhere. Finding the right pattern can take some time as there are often many ikat styles which can feature variations on regularly seen shapes such as circles or stripes. The Ikat fabrics that have original shapes and unique color combinations however, can often make a room memorable simply with some ikat pillow. Here are some examples of interiors incorporating ikat accent pillows and ikat fabrics.


designing with ikat fabrics

ikat accent pillows madeline weinrib

designing with ikat pillows

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Selecting the right colors

One of the trickiest tasks on projects is selecting the right color combination.  Particularly when you are deciding between similar hues in the same overall color palette.  A color in one direction or the other can be too bright or too dark, too saturated or too dull, or not look quite right with other colors in the space. 

Finding a piece of art, accessory, rug, fabric or any other object where you can draw inspiration from the colors is really helpful.   Even better if you can find variations of a similar within the same color spectrum so that you can compare.  Here are some inspiration combinations of gold from barite rock.

golden barite

golden barite

golden barite

golden barite

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Top 3 chaise lounge options

Here are the top three lounge chaise options that we considered for a project on the Upper East Side.  The first photo features a set of mirrored chaises covered in a melange wool fabric that we decided on and the following are the options.  When we were initially designing the space we had two lounge chairs facing a loveseat but the client wanted to be able to watch tv or read as well as entertain.

Chaises are a great option to put in the center of a living room if space is limited and you still want a comfortable lounge option. You are still able to stretch out your legs and relax without having to commit to a sofa or sectional.   Another benefit of selecting two chaises as opposed to a sectional is they can be moved around or separated if you are having guests.  They can be placed in a corner similar to a sectional if needed.  Chaise lounges may or may not have arm rests and there are options for both indoors and outdoors.
modern lounge chaise

modern lounge chaise

contemporary lounge chaise with metal base

classic lounge chaise

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Selecting artwork (II)

One of the best parts about interior design projects is selecting artwork.  Sometimes it’s easier than others, if you pinpoint a single accent color and select a piece based on that color that is a great starting point.  Other times the art can be in complete contrast to the color palette and that can make it even more memorable.  Every few months I’ll go back through my library of artists to see if how I feel about the work has changed. It’s so subjective and the trick ideally is to selecting art you will grow to love even more over time, rather than get sick of looking at.  These ink drop prints I love, the combination of blacks, grays, brown and white.

ink drop art

ink drop art

ink drop art

ink drop art


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