Kid’s Playroom Design (part II)

Following up on last week’s post on design for a kid’s playroom, here are some fun, funky and vibrant seating options.  Modular, upholstered seating works best so you do not have to worry as much about children getting hurt on the furniture while they are playing.  It’s nice to have accent colors be on the accessories or toys, rather than the walls, especially if they are the ever popular pink or baby blue, so that you do not get too tired of looking at it.  To make it more fun you can mix and match patterns, textures and colors.

It’s good to start with the base colors, i.e. neutral grays or earthy colors, and decide which accent colors you would like to incorporate.  The color options and patterns for kid’s furniture can be overwhelming.  Toys can always be stored and accessories changed, whereas repainting a kid’s playroom is more of a chore.  With the right design it is possible to have the playroom fit into the overall style of the home or apartment, so that is not just a door you shut when guests come over! These are the three options we’re considering for a playroom where we have an earth toned vintage moroccan rug.  In the first photo below the tufted, rounded shape of the sectionals is what makes this a fun choice for a playroom.  In the second image the flexibility of being able to move the seating around and re-arranging the color combinations and patterns create a youthful look.  The third image is a sectional from Lignet Roset, the Confluence by Pierre Paulin.



childrens playroom design

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Westchester redesign

Here are several preliminary photos of a living and dining room interior Westchester redesign I’m finishing up in Pelham, NY.  We designed a custom shelf to accompany a gas fireplace which we installed near the bay window/front section of the home.  Most of the furniture is custom or vintage.  We created a tufted, leather banquette to frame the entrance of the room and sit alongside the fireplace.  The client loves purple so we incorporated purple accents including pillows and blown glass accessories.  We are in the process of incorporating artwork with touches of the color as well.  The two lounge chairs  and sofa were custom upholstered pieces as well.  We went with mid century end tables and vintage Murano table lamps which I love.




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Dark bathrooms

Bathrooms do not have to always be designed with lighter colors, but having direct natural light or windows big enough is essential to offset darker colors.  Bathroom fixtures can be a steel or lighter in color to compliment one or two accent walls.  The bathroom fittings can be white or a neutral tone to offest dark colors.  Lighting in bathrooms is even more important if you opt for grays or black to keep the room feeling balanced.

dark bathroom design

dark bathroom ideas

dark bathroom design 2

dark slate bathroom design slate

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