Here are some gorgeous options for a floor lamp and wall sconces.  If you have been reading this blog I’m always looking for unique, organic shaped options/ textures for spaces.  On a subconscious level it’s possible that being in cities we are constantly looking for those things in daily life which remind us of nature, whether it’s natural wood slabs on dining tables, ambient and accent lights, sculptures, or utilizing stone in bathrooms, bringing the outside inside is fundamental in creating a warm, harmonious interior.  There is a delicate balance because contemporary spaces often feel too cold for some and traditional styles can feel too overbearing for others.   When square footage, natural lighting or the existing layout are fixed components, deciding which elements fit is of paramount importance. A floor lamp can be placed in a corner by itself and completely define that area if the illumination and size are suitable.  Wall sconces similarly can be placed on their own in a hallway and function as an affective style statement.