Following up on yesterday’s post about incorporating antiques into your interior, if you are on the fence about whether or not to use many of grandma’s priceless antiques, it’s important to consider how they will work together in a space. If you have eclectic taste and like to incorporate modern as well as antique elements, there definitely is a point when you should be selective about the furniture and envision what it will look like together. There are numerous historical styles of antique furniture, including the Empire, Federal, Windsor, Sheraton, Chippendale, Louis XV and Queene Anne periods, which are highly decorative containing intricate carving and detail.
The pieces by themselves offer the eye tremendous visual stimulation, but placing too many highly decorative pieces together can give a space a museum feel. It’s difficult for the eye to focus on either the space as a whole, or the details of each piece separately, because there is simply too much to look at at the same time. If it is an older residence with carving, detail and molding woven into the walls or ceilings, its often better to go a bit more conservative on the antique furniture. If, on the other hand it is a completely modern space, an antique can create an amazing level of warmth and originality.