Kid’s playroom design should integrate two essential elements, modularity and functionality.  Kids love to move things around, assemble and re-assemble, and be able to do a number of different activities.  Space permitting it’s a great idea to have separate areas for reading, playing with toys, watching tv and an open area.  Storage is key as well, many toy manufacturers now offer multi-functional toys such as letters that are storage boxes and seats with openings for toys.  If you have a playroom in your home or apartment, and would like it to serve as additionally as a guest room, it’s helpful to consider if you are putting the room together in a way where most of the toys can be hidden when guests visit.

Custom built-ins with enough drawers and closed cabinets, as well as bunches and toy chests, are helpful to accomplish this.  Bookshelves (out of reach of tiny hands!) can easily be swapped out between books and toys.  Fluffy carpets and cushy sofas like these togo sofas from Lignet Roset are a great place to start.  Here are some inspiration images to help you get started!