Brimfield Flea Market

The Brimfield Antique Show is open three times a year.  This year the dates are May 14-19, July 9-14, September 3-8.    Considered one of the biggest antique shows in the country, you can find all kinds of objects such as accessories, lighting, rugs,  jewelry, vintage furniture, fabrics, etc.  Below are some pictures of accessories we found during our last trip.

The last show of the year will be in Sept. and it is known to be the busiest show of the year.  It does require a lot of patience and we recommend paying the additional fees for the dealers area and going there first.  We found some beautiful vintage pieces including a Tommy Parzinger lamp and some T.H. Robsjohn Gibbins lounge chairs for clients.

african sculptures

white cowhides
low louge chairs
african faces

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Home office desk

There are three main factors  that need to be considered when designing a desk for a home office.  The first is to account for all of the items that will need to be stored and/or displayed.  One common mistake is to not properly measure for the items that will need to be integrated and then being stuck with a completed custom design that is not function.

The second  consideration is the location and size of the entire space where the workstation will be.  Once the sizing configuration for the workspace has been determined, it is key to see if it will fit in the accompanying space to scale.

The third factor to consider is what style and design you are looking for. In all likelihood you will be spending many hours at the desk and it is essential to have a comfortable, functional space.

For this project the client wanted a corner unit where they could display books and accessories.

Modern oil paintings

Here is a selection of modern oil paintings under consideration for a project we are working on in midtown.  Often artwork can be one of the most overlooked aspects of an interior design project simply because the installation occurs at the end and can be a time consuming process.  But often the right artwork can be the difference in really giving a space personality.  Paintings can also function to tie a color palette together, particularly if you are incorporating an unusual combination of  hues.  These artworks range in price from 14k – 41k per painting.

modern oil painting

modern oil painting

modern oil painting

modern oil painting

modern oil painting


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