Eclectic spaces

This eclectic space illustrates a nice example of integrating a more traditional piece of furniture like a regency bench, with a modern lacquer coffee table. The designer selected a warm color palette to tie everything together.  It’s helpful to create a sense of harmony between the pieces as well. In this case the fabric on the pillows and the weave on the bench matches with the rug and the natural wood accessory on the table.  The designer chose a warm grey with brownish hues to augment and integrate the earth tones while still keeping the feel fresh and modern. A delicate balancing act, too much grey (with blue hues) may not work as well with the eclectic mix of furniture, and too much brown on the walls may simply be overkill.

retro modern

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Modern high gloss lacquer dining table

Some of the best designs are the simplest. This high gloss black lacquer dining table is a great example of elegance and functionality. One of the essential elements of a piece of furniture like this is the overall shape and how the lines come together.  To achieve elegance with a table in this style and size requires master level craftsmanship to be thin/ elegant, durable and functional.  This table would not be the same with a bulkier base or top.

high gloss black lacquer dining table

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Kitchen and dining separator

Many apartments in New York City require innovative solutions for renovating due to size and often construction restraints (especially in co-op buildings).  If you have a kitchen which adjoins a dining area and you would like to open up the space more, and perhaps still need to shield the oven, utilizing a treated wood divider on one side which matches other components of the interior is a viable option.  In this space the divider looks more like a harmonious addition to the furniture set and flooring, rather than strictly a divider.  Dividers are tricky in that it’s important to achieve the proper balance between utility/ function and elegance. A utilitarian looking divider which is not properly integrated into the design scheme can disrupt the flow of the space.

kitchen dining separator

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