selecting the perfect pullsThere are endless key elements in effectively designing an interior and one in particular is finding those perfect cabinet or drawer pulls.  The wrong pulls can be that one subtle element that makes a piece of furniture feel out of place, or a kitchen that feels disconnected. If the wrong pulls are chosen for those beautiful custom cabinets you had designed, then the mistake will most likely be repeated numerous times since there tend to be so many pulls in a kitchen.
Pulls are also an accessory which can completely transform an ordinary piece of furniture, often modern/ clean cabinets are “made” by the pulls installed on them.
Some important elements to consider when deciding which pulls are:

1) what materials will match or accent the space best (there are endless materials for pulls including stainless steel, stain chrome, polished brass, pewter, satin nickel and hand polished)
2) how do the pulls match with the color palette of the room
3) how durable do they need to be, can you opt for more delicate ones perhaps in a dining room hutch?
4) how they match with other appliances if they are in a kitchen
5) how does the size of the pulls match with the size of the furniture (scale)