This is a chelsea duplex I worked on several years ago. Space planning is a key component in redesigns where clients are seeking to maximize the value of their purchase with additional usable square footage. The original floor plan featured one small closet in the master bedroom located on the second floor. With the new layout we removed the old closet and relocated it with a second walk-in closet behind the tv. With the additional space created where the old closet was we were able to move the bed and headboard back, create an accent wall and have sconces mounted on the wall. The upholstered accent wall featured four panels covered in a dark silk fabric and the headboard is tufted with a velvet fabric. The custom sconces featured a gun metal finish and lamp shades with a gold/metallic fabric.

The additional space also freed up additional room to the right for a custom wall unit/ dresser and wall for a flat screen tv. The new wall was measured to line up with the existing structural column to create a more natural flow. In the living room we mounted the flat screen and added a fireplace beneath it. We also create a custom workstation with additional lighting beneath the stairwell. We incorporated and a clear acrylic coffee table which helps to make a smaller space feel less crowded.