Adding warmth to interiors

Some industrial and residential developments feature natural concrete as an existing component of the design with floors, walls or support structures left exposed. Depending on the amount of exposed concrete it can be a challenge to bring warmth into the space. The first space by Dutch architect Nicolas Schuybroek features a home in Cap d’Antibes, a resort town in Southeastern France. The space features reclaimed wood on a custom coffee table and also as part of the accent wall. The Prouve dining chairs adorn a custom concrete dining table and the sofa is most likely by B&B Italia or Poala Buffa. The gunmetal finish black door hardware matches the existing window frame and is further tied together with the floor lamp and prouvet chairs.

With the amount of concrete it was essential that Schuybroek incorporate components that had warm hues such as off white and brown to offset the gray. To achieve the harmonious look of the ceiling, walls and build in unit it’s possible a form of concrete plaster was used. Plaster can be applied over bricks, cinder block or concrete foundations. It can drastically change the look and feel of existing concrete with a variety of textures, colors and molds, and be used virtually anywhere in a space including bathrooms and kitchens. The third image is a space designed by Jenny Dyer and also features a concrete accent wall. The natural colors on the lounge chairs, side table, rug and lamp are also effective in
bringing in warmth.



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Color Inspiration

A helpful starting point for any interior design project is looking at inspiration spaces from designers and architects, scouring pinterest, tumblr or houzz for color palettes you like. Then you can start to develop a sense for the overall look and feel you would like.  In the first image I love the combination of dark colors, natural woodwork and dark gray/blue as an accent color on the rug.  The second photograph has a similar feel and you could pull hues from it to design an interior similar.  The color inspiration can be pulled from literally anywhere, jewelry, natural stones, textiles, fashion, graphic and industrial design, paintings, film, photography etc.  In the next two images, a photograph and a sculpture in front of a painting, the balance of colors feels harmonious, even though these are relatively disparate items.





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Ikat Patterns

Over the past decade Ikat Fabrics have gained tremendous popularity in fashion and interior design with feature articles in Elle Decor and being sold by Madeline Weinrib at ABC Carpets. With everything from dresses to rugs to pillows to curtains to tea kettles the ikat patterns seem to be everywhere. Finding the right pattern can take some time as there are often many ikat styles which can feature variations on regularly seen shapes such as circles or stripes. The Ikat fabrics that have original shapes and unique color combinations however, can often make a room memorable simply with some ikat pillow. Here are some examples of interiors incorporating ikat accent pillows and ikat fabrics.


designing with ikat fabrics

ikat accent pillows madeline weinrib

designing with ikat pillows

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Kids Rooms Design Ideas

Bedrooms are very personal spaces that provide a place for rest and quiet.   Privacy, scale, lifestyle and functionality are factors to be taken into account when designing a children’s rooms. The design can incorporate children’s beds, twin beds,bunk beds, daybeds, trundle beds, nightstands, storage units, desks and/or chairs depending on the size and the various activities that the interior space will serve other than sleeping. Designing kids rooms with light/neutral colors and accent bright colors/elements is a great way to have the design flow with the overall design of the residence without overdoing it with colors such as light pink and baby blue typically found in children’s rooms.

children bedroom design

children rooms - bedroom design

kids bedrooms

kids bedroom design ideas

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