Accent wall ideas

Ideas for accent walls can extend beyond simply a single painted side of a room. Fireplaces, framed or unframed large scale paintings, built ins and a host of other options can serve as an accent wall.

Where space is limited it is helpful to think outside the box, and in the case of this bedroom, the designer incorporated an accent wall, built in storage unit, banquette/ seating area, window and natural organic texture.  A multifunctional accent wall is the perfect example of getting the most out a space, a critical component of any renovation, where the price per sq ft is at a premium.

accent wall storage unit

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Accent walls

In addition to dark wood flooring, accent walls are a great way to add color or contrast to a room. The wall doesn’t necessarily need to be painted entirely and it doesn’t even need to be a wall. A staircase, corner, part of a ceiling, closet and virtually any other open flat surface in a room can provide the backdrop for an accent.  Often on projects clients may not want to commit to a particular color for the entire wall and an accent wall is a great way to test out the color.  Often if the saturation or contrast offsets the other tones in the room painting one wall will suffice.  It’s much easier of course to repaint one wall than the whole room if the color doesn’t work.

In the examples below the contrast is strong but an accent can also have just a slight color variation from the other walls and be effective.  How the space is laid out, where the natural light hits and where the entrance to the room is are all factors on which wall to select.   In the first example the wall behind the desk is painted two slightly different tones.  The molding provides a frame for the colors and the color variation adds depth and texture to the space. In the second image the book shelf at the top of the wall as well as the shelf in the middle are accents to a white wall.  The bookshelf functions as an effective frame encasing the lighter and mixed tone artwork against the dark background.  The last three examples offer alternative options for accents including a corner “room within a room”, a staircase partition and a closet wall.






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Picture wall art and design

picture wall designOne of the best ways to personalize a space and make it feel your own is by integrating family photos. When designing a wall with pictures you might want to consider different picture frames with the same finish or similar frames in different sizes. The image above is a wall picture design for a client in Bergen County, NJ. For this design we chose to have the same white frame in three different sizes.

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Adding darker colors to one or two walls

If you are fearful of fully committing to a room which covers all the walls in a room with darker colors, which is completely understandable, another option is to paint one or two walls darker. This is particularly effective for work studios where it’s essential to have perhaps a dark grey behind a workstation to add elegance and be easier on the eyes, or in interiors which have a lot of natural light.


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