Screen by Rodolfo Dordoni

Pictured is a screen divider designed by Rodolfo Dordoni in 2003. This contemporary screen features black lacquered wood panels mounted on a chrome frame with swiveling silver glass panels. Incorporating different materials such as wood, metal and glass into this design creates a truly functional work of art. There are other earlier versions of this design with white lacquer wood and multi-color glass panels.

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Mid-century ceramic art pieces

midcentury ceramic vasesInspired by nature and created during the 1950’s these are volcano inspired ceramics have become popular and sought after by designers and collectors.  Unlike other mid-century ceramics , these ceramics have no refinement and have a stone and fruit appearance and are inspired by chestnut husks and the caps of acorns.

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Indian Textiles

indian fabrics_ ikat

Incorporating  vibrant Indian textiles in spaces will add amazing life and energy. Due to the dyeing techniques applied to the yarns there are hundreds of unique colors. The Ikat  fabrics on the left have a slightly blurred outline that is characteristic and that many find very attractive. Although the term ikat is Javanese, the technique used to make this type of fabric was originated in India.

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Apothecary jars

Love these, reminds me a bit of the movie Perfume where the set design included similar apothecary jars. It’s possible to find many different variations of these jars with elegant and distinctive shapes and they can work nicely to add an original accent to a wall, mantel or tabletop. We tend not to associate them with any type of consumption which adds to their appeal (versus empty wine bottles, etc).

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