White marble coffee table

Coffee tables are often a focal point in living rooms. If the size, shape and style are selected carefully, they can be a distinctive design element.  Incorporating natural materials such as wood, stone and marble is necessary to balance other dominant elements such us upholstered furniture, shades and curtains. Marble furniture is sought after due to its unique textures, colors and durability. It is a hard and durable material that is often incorporated into high end kitchen and bathroom design.

Here are some great white marble coffee tables options for a living room were are designing where white marble will compliment the color palette and design. The price for these coffee tables start at 5200 and increase depending on the size, style and availability.    Before falling in love with a white marble table make sure to read some of the pros and cons of white marble that was mentioned on our early post Kitchen design with white marble tops.

White marble  square coffee table Mangiarottii

round white marble coffee table by marc newson

ovala white marble coffee table

marble coffee table by Snarkitecture

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Fernand Dresse was a painter and furniture designer from Belgium.  He studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels and was student of Loius Buisseret.  His work included portraits, figures, landscapes and flowers.  The organic elements from his paintings were an inspiration for the furniture he designed later in his life.

These are brass etched cocktail tables by Fernand Dresse  featuring two inlays of Agate stone. The hand etching is beautiful and reminiscent of wood grain.  The texture flows out to the rounded edges and the shape of the table fits perfectly with the design of the top.   The combination of metal, stone, texture and petrified wood for a base is gorgeous.  This cocktail table can be a centerpiece in well designed space.


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The last phase of the design process is accessorizing the space. This phase is very important because it helps clients personalize their homes with objects they love. Here are some pictures of an Upper East side residence we designed last Spring. 

The client is a fashion designer and had collected treasures from her travels all over the world. The artwork, sculptures, photography and unique accessories she had were the inspiration during the design process.  A neutral color palette was essential when designing the space in order to provide a gallery like setting for the client’s treasures.  We selected the best accessories she owned and added a few new ones that breathed life into the space. 

accessorizing a space

home accessorizing

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