Selecting the right swivel lounge chair

Selecting the right design, shape, size and color for a lounge chair is important when designing a living space.  Here are some lounge chair options for a clean contemporary living room we are finishing up. The lounge chair we will select needs to swivel since it will be connecting two seating areas.

In one side of the open living room we have a B&B Italia sofa cover on a light linen fabric while in the other end of the room we have two custom chaises cover on a melange wool fabric. The lounge chair we select will be upholstered in leather.

swivel lounge chair selection

Arne Jacobsen swivel lounge chair

Pierre Paulin swivel lounge chair

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Classic lounge chairs

For clean, linear modern interiors it’s important to augment the design with organic shapes and textures. This can be achieved through fabrics, artwork, flooring, sculpture, lounge chairs and virtually any other design element. The great aspect about furniture like lounge chairs is that they usually appreciate in value, and in these examples range from 8k-16k in price.


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