Lounge chairs

Here are some options for lounge chairs for a project in Tribeca. Lounge chairs can give flair to an interior, adding style to a room. Scale is a key consideration for finding the right option. Deciding on which options you would like, i.e. swivel, ottoman, reclining, etc will effect size and positioning. The perfect chairs incorporate the right combination of comfort, style, durability and utility. If you are going to be using the chair often its important to check them out before purchasing. Some of the vintage lounge chairs are not as comfortable, although they may look beautiful. Lounge chairs that are too bulky should be avoided, especially in smaller sized rooms/ apartments. Some of the iconic, contemporary lounge chairs range from $3800-$14000.

borsani p40 lounge chair



Eero Saarinen's Womb chair

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Classic lounge chairs

For clean, linear modern interiors it’s important to augment the design with organic shapes and textures. This can be achieved through fabrics, artwork, flooring, sculpture, lounge chairs and virtually any other design element. The great aspect about furniture like lounge chairs is that they usually appreciate in value, and in these examples range from 8k-16k in price.


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