Modern bedroom design

This a a modern bedroom designed by Jenny Dyer was featured in Elle Decor. They did a beautiful job on the design, color palette, space planning and furniture selection. Upholstered walls and upholstered panels in bedrooms are the key component in bringing warmth to the space, particularly if the ceilings are high. Gray tones can be tricky to get right, especially in a bedroom where you want to increase the feeling of warmth.

modern bedroom

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Grays, midtones and warm hues

Incorporating grays into a color scheme can be tricky. The wrong combination or palette can feel too cold or too dark. Here are some nice examples of designs which combine light and mid tone grays with textiles and natural wood components. The first example is a ski lodge in Colorado. By opting for dark gray accents on the fireplace, seats and wall console unit (to the left) the designer was able to add subtle light gray variations in the upholstery, flooring and left hand accent wall. With this combination of grays together with the fireplace, subtle warmer brown and yellow hues, the space feels balanced, modern and comfortable.

The second space varies the focal point of the dark gray accent in the painting, and the fireplace is a warm light gray color. Here the designer was able to make use of more earth tones while still implementing a fair amount of gray. The organic surfaces such as marble and wood grain help to warm up the space and augment the range of gray tones.

co residence

ct residence

ct residence

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Custom build ins

Custom build ins are a great way to maximize space especially in small New York City apartments. If designed well they can seamlessly integrate into the design often incorporating existing wood grains, textures or colors. Here are two warm, original designs which effectively illustrate the possibilities. The challenge with designing build ins is often maximizing the possible storage space without the it overtaking the space.

modern warm build in

Selecting lounge chairs

Selecting lounge chairs is important as they often serve as a focal point in a living room or family room. Finding swivel or stationary chairs with a unique shape can accentuate the layout of a room. When beginning the process of space planning scale and proportion are essential considerations as well as how the shapes fit together.

If a spaces feels too boxy or crowded with additional lounge chairs it is usually the result of poor space planning and design. Lounge chairs are often a good opportunity to incorporate alternative materials into a space such as metal or leather without committing to a larger piece of furniture such as a sofa with metal. If you are designing a space with a modern, contemporary feel, natural tones on leather will add warmth.

Here are a few options in consideration for a project in Soho.

lounge chair

lounge chair

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Space Planning in Chelsea Duplex (part II)

Following up on my space planning post from last week, here are a few additional photos of the chelsea duplex I worked on several years ago.  The main level featured a bedroom, and a kitchen extending into an open layout with the dining room and living room.   A nice sized terrace adjoined the living room on the wall near the fireplace.  On the stairway leading up to the master bedroom we designed a custom built in for books and storage.  An open layout is increasingly popular space planning option in residential units in New York City.  Natural light is an essential component in higher end real estate and developers are seeking to maximize value by creating larger open living areas so potential purchasers have the option to entertain.




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Space Planning

This is a chelsea duplex I worked on several years ago. Space planning is a key component in redesigns where clients are seeking to maximize the value of their purchase with additional usable square footage. The original floor plan featured one small closet in the master bedroom located on the second floor. With the new layout we removed the old closet and relocated it with a second walk-in closet behind the tv. With the additional space created where the old closet was we were able to move the bed and headboard back, create an accent wall and have sconces mounted on the wall. The upholstered accent wall featured four panels covered in a dark silk fabric and the headboard is tufted with a velvet fabric. The custom sconces featured a gun metal finish and lamp shades with a gold/metallic fabric.

The additional space also freed up additional room to the right for a custom wall unit/ dresser and wall for a flat screen tv. The new wall was measured to line up with the existing structural column to create a more natural flow. In the living room we mounted the flat screen and added a fireplace beneath it. We also create a custom workstation with additional lighting beneath the stairwell. We incorporated and a clear acrylic coffee table which helps to make a smaller space feel less crowded.




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