Incorporating stainless steel in kitchens

Stainless steel is no longer relegated to appliance surfaces as it is now being installed on counter tops, cabinet doors and backsplashes.  Backsplashes can be smooth, have different sized tiles and shapes, and can have different colors incorporated.  Due to its resistance to heat, water and bacteria, stainless steel is the preferred finish for both professional chefs and in residential kitchens. 

Stainless steel can also function as a clean, contemporary design element.  The one major drawback is the need to clean fingerprints, though generally this problem will be less prevalent on cabinet doors and backsplashes than countertops. It is a fairly low maintenance finish as warm water with a small amount of detergent is enough for cleaning it.  For more stubborn stains use a soft, dry cloth with lemon juice, glass cleaner or white vinegar to wipe stubborn smudges and stains.

kitchen stainless steel counter tops

kitchen - stainless steel appliances and backsplash

kitchen stainless steel kitchen cabinets

kitchen stainless steel cabinet fronts

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Selecting kitchen counter tops

Some of the most common materials on kitchen countertops include natural stone such as marble and granite, stainless steel, concrete, engineered stone and corian. If it suits the design and space, often one or more of these options can be combined. It’s important to decide which countertops will fit your lifestyle and how you will utilize the kitchen.

Some of the key determining factors include appearance, maintenance and durability. If you cook a lot, corian is very easy to maintain while calacatta marble is elegant but requires care when cooking and entertaining as it is porous and can be easily stained.

kitchen design - stainless steel

kitchen design - marble counterops & back-splash

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