warm dark color palettesIf you own a pre-war apartment in Manhattan with crown moldings lining the ceiling and beautiful wood flooring chances are dark grays dominating the interior are not what you are considering as a part of your redesign.  It is possible to create a space with these colors and design it in a way that creates a warm, relaxing and elegant atmosphere without feeling like a dungeon.  I posted earlier about adding natural textures such as wood furniture and artwork/ accent colors with touches of brown or beige, the same holds true for the darker color palettes.  In this space if the furniture and accent choices were only contemporary it would be more difficult to warm up the space.  With the wooden sculpture in the corner, the beautiful warm hues present in the artwork above the fireplace, the exposed brick and the wood chair warm up the space.  It is essential to have ample natural light present if considering this color palette for a space.