I’ve posted in the past about how much I love the lighting selection portion of the design process
including options for bedside lighting, multi-pendant lights, dining room chandeliers and floor lamps,
so I figured it was time to post some wall sconces I’m interested in for a client.  Sconces can function as task as well as accent lighting.  Wall sconces can be utilized to highlight photographs, artwork, sculpture, as well as to accentuate items on a shelf, sideboard or side table. 

Sconces can be fixed, have swing arms, be directional or solely decorative.  They can be tricky to shop for online and I would recommend writing down the measurements and possibly putting non stick tape on the wall with those dimensions to see how the size of the light fits.  How they are photographed can distort the scale of the light, some are much larger or smaller in person.   The size is equally important as the light they give off and the aesthetic.  Some of my favorite options include some combination of glass and/or metal, an organic shape and diffuse light.