Looking for the right interior designer in NYC to maximize the value of your residence?

We specialize in design-build, capital improvement, and renovation.

How are we different?

Our mission is to design homes with enduring value. We focus on exceptional craftsmanship to deliver authentic and timeless designs. We work with successful leaders who desire to maximize the property value of their homes and live in sanctuaries of elegance.


Exclusive design sources and exceptional furnishings from around the world.


A custom home tailored to your lifestyle and that represents your needs and desires.


The value of luxury living that reflects your achievements and appreciates over time.

Transforming homes with complete designs


Authentic designs featured in New York City’s most prestigious neighborhoods.

Furniture designs by Erika Flugger


Exquisite furnishings handcrafted with the finest materials by skilled artisans from around the world.

Our Services

What does working with NYC Interior Design look like?


Unlike other design services you’ve tried we won’t waste your time or our own. We are obsessed with getting the best results for our clients.

  • Complete designs done for you one time right.

  • Access to the best in the design industry.

  • Maximize functionality and property value.

  • High-quality furnishings with enduring value.

  • Complete capital improvement upgrades.

  • Integrated design-build services.

  • Construction and renovation expertise.